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Car Accidents and Your Legal Rights

Car accidents happen every day across the country. Some are fender-benders that represent an inconvenience as property damage is dealt with. Others are life-changing events, leaving drivers and passengers with serious personal injuries. These injuries can leave car accident victims unable to work for a living while they endure lengthy recoveries or life-long disabilities.

Serious car accidents with personal injuries cause physical suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, lost income, and losses from property damage to the motor vehicle. When family members have to care for the injured or disabled accident victim, their lives are disrupted as well.

The Bubalo Goode law firm helps individuals and families recover from injuries and from the disruption to their lives after serious car accidents. When an individual’s injuries or a wrongful death is someone else’s fault, the parties who have been harmed have a right to financial assistance from those who have hurt them.

Bubalo Goode can assist you if you or a family member of yours has been seriously injured in a car accident. We have attorneys admitted in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Kentucky State Police say 721 people were killed in 670 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the state in 2011. Another 24,196 auto accidents resulted in non-fatal personal injuries, and 102,658 caused property damage only.

When one driver’s carelessness or negligence in a car accident results in others’ injuries or death, the responsible driver should be held accountable. Bubalo Goode helps Kentucky residents and/or their families seek restitution for losses suffered in car accidents caused by:

  • Alcohol Involvement (drunk driving). State police report 4,513 accidents in Kentucky involved alcohol in 2011, and 108 resulted in at least one death.
  • Inattention / Distracted Driving. The problem of distracted driving has come under closer scrutiny in recent years with the increased use of personal electronic devices. The 2011 traffic facts report from Kentucky State Police lists nearly 50,000 accidents caused by “inattention,” plus almost 6,000 attributed to “distraction” and more than 1,000 citing “cell phone.”
  • Fatigued / Drowsy Driving. More than 1,200 people involved in car accidents in Kentucky in 2011 fell asleep behind the wheel according to state police. Another 550 were reported to be suffering from “fatigue.”
  • Aggressive Driving. “Aggressive” driving includes:
    • Speeding.
    • Tailgating (Following too closely).
    • Improper passing.
    • Running stop signs, stop lights, etc.
    • Frequent lane changes.

Thousands more car accidents in Kentucky are caused by faulty equipment, including defective brakes, tire failures, steering failures and defective headlights. In cases of faulty automotive equipment causing accidents and injuries, it may be that the manufacturer and/or distributor should be held accountable for the harm done.

Legal Assistance after a Car Accident

Car accidents are common but not always simple. In many cases, determining what happened and who is at fault takes a thorough investigation far beyond what’s typically done for a police report. This kind of work can involve complex scientific and engineering principles, and requires experience in addition to specialized knowledge.

The car accident attorneys at Bubalo Goode are experienced in investigating serious automotive accidents and work with engineers and other experts to reconstruct events after complex accidents. Our attorneys also have the experience and the discretion to fairly evaluate and explain cases so our clients can anticipate and appreciate realistic outcomes to lawsuits filed in their cases.

We work first to negotiate fair and proper settlements after car accidents to conclude cases quicker and let the injured get on with their recovery and life. In cases that cannot be settled to our clients’ satisfaction, we are ready to go to court.

The attorneys at Bubalo Goode are recognized regionally and nationally for our litigation skills. Lawyers from our firm have conducted trials in the state courts of numerous states and in multiple federal district courts. We have also assisted in Multi-District Litigation nationwide.

If your case goes to court with a BGSB car accident lawyer, our commitment to you is that your attorney will apply the full weight of this firm’s knowledge and experience to obtain the most compensation available for you.

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